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Psychic mediumship reading

Connecting with the spirit world through psychic mediumship


I am an Evidential medium and use a form of automatic writing to connect with spirits and loved ones. Through this meditative state, I connect using names and can relay messages to you. ​In my experience, these readings can be incredibly healing and insightful, but they may also reveal things that can be personal, intense or traumatic. I provide a safe space for the messages to come through, all without judgment. All readings are completely private and confidential. Through automatic writing, I use names to connect with spirits and loved ones, where I will tell you what I see and will then ask you to confirm if I'm correct. To enable me to connect authentically, I usually require only yes/no confirmations as we progress through the call. There is no guarantee that your loved one will come through in the reading. This is not something I can control and therefore I must insist on patience during these readings. Readings take place via a 30 minute Zoom call. The video call is recorded and a copy will be sent to you after the reading is complete.

  • 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • US

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