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I provide a range of offerings to help provide insight, guidance and healing on your journey. Find out more below. 

Info: Holistic Sessions
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Holistic Sessions


I offer Holistic Sessions which include a range of my practices, combining astrology and crystal healing with psychic mediumship, and in addition providing tools on how to meditate, witchcraft, spells and dream interpretation. These sessions are completely tailored to your needs. Please read all the sections below which give a detailed outline of the all the offerings. 


Before the reading, I will need your time, date and location of birth, and what you would like to cover in the reading. I will then get in touch with you get further details as required. The sessions will be recorded on Zoom and emailed to you when the reading is complete.

If you have any questions, please email me on:

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Info: Crystal Grids
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Crystal Grids


Crystal grids are a powerful fusion of crystal energies to help manifest goals and intentions, and provide crystal support and healing.

Each crystal has its own energy frequency and natural properties, which can be harnessed to balance and enhance your mind, body and soul.

By tapping into the unique energies of different crystals, I create crystal grids tailored to support and heal any area of life you may need help with. Examples of crystal grids I have created for clients can be found HERE


The crystal grid sessions are usually made up of two sessions:



Where we discuss what the crystal grid is for, the crystals that will be used and the energies

Grid activation

The crystal grid will be based upon your intention and what you are looking for support with. I work with your natal chart to understand where the astrological energies are placed and therefore use crystals that best compliment your energy and the issue you would like help with.

After I have activated the grid, it will remain in my presence for 30 days, around one lunar cycle. You will be sent a photograph of the grid for your own connection to the grid. The grid will not be shared with anyone until the period of activation is complete. Grid refreshes are also available. 

Smaller Grids: Smaller grids for shorter cycles are available on a donation basis (for example, to relieve headaches, for sleep improvement, other minor issues)


Grief Grids: I offer grief grids as a compassionate offering, at no cost to my clients. The grids remain active for 90 days, around three lunar cycles.

Before the Consultation session, I will need your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, and the issue you would like to address. If you have any questions, please email me on:

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Info: Astro
Solar Eclipse



Astrology can be used as an effective tool to provide insights into your life. By understanding the planetary aspects of your natal chart, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the environment around you. 

I practice Western Astrology, in particular the Tropical, Placidus house systems, and I use whole sign houses. I do not practice Vedic astrology.


Based on your birth details and focus area, I will generate your chart. I offer three types of Astrology readings: Natal, Astrology and Synastry. 

A Natal chart reading is a snapshot of planetary alignments at the moment you were born. If this is the first time you are getting an astrology reading with me, this is the first stop. A natal chart reading can give you insight into many things, such as:

 - A solar return reading for the year ahead

- Specific transit/retrograde impact

- Election astrology where we discuss windows of opportunities and beneficial energies to support your goals, for example a business launch, book publishing, elective surgery 

- Insight and guidance into your business, relationships, past lives, fertility, soul path, self-exploration, health and healing

Once you have had a natal chart reading, you are welcome to book as many Ongoing Astrology readings with me. In addition to everything covered in the natal chart, an ongoing astrology reading can give you further insight into many parts of your life, including:

- General: a deep dive into any planet, house, asteroid, sun or moon. 

Specific aspects or nodes. Life events such as job changes, marriage/relationships, opening business, fertility, health, past lives

- Relocation astrology: if you are looking to relocate and can't decide where, or if you're looking for a specific vibe, or want to move somewhere new for a specific reason eg. business, school, soul mate

- Progressions: your natal chart progressed through time. This will show you how the current energies are manifesting and how you are experiencing the energies

- Transits: to see how you may be impacted by future planetary transits, especially helpful when planning trips, events, and also explaining what is happening right now

Retrogrades: how specific retrogrades are affecting your chart, what to expect and how best to work with the energy

A Synastry reading is the comparison of two charts, to better understand the connection and dynamics between two people. This could be a romantic relationship, a friend, a family member or a business partner.


By assessing the relative positions of planets, houses and energies, this reading can provide valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses between the two charts, and offer opportunities to leverage the strengths and improve areas of weaknesses. 

The readings will be recorded on Zoom and emailed to you when the reading is complete. Before the reading, I will need your time, date and location of birth, and what you would like to cover in the reading.

Please note that there is a lot of preparation time prior to the actual Zoom meeting. In order to provide you with the best experience, I spend several hours on your charts as each chart is unique and has a plethora of information. 

I use the Placidus system as standard, but if you would like an interpretation on the Whole House Sign system, please let me know and I'm happy to provide your natal chart with both.   


If you have any questions, please email me on:

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Info: Psychic

Psychic Mediumship


I am an Evidential medium and use a form of automatic writing to connect with spirits and loved ones. Through this meditative state, I connect and can relay messages to you.

In my experience, these readings can be incredibly healing and insightful, but they may also reveal things that can be intense or traumatic. I provide a safe space for the messages to come through, all without judgment.

All readings are completely private and confidential.


Readings take place via a 30 minute Zoom call. Through automatic writing, I use names to connect with spirits and loved ones, where I will tell you what I see and will then ask you confirm if I'm correct. To enable me to connect authentically, I usually require only yes/no confirmations as we progress through the call.

There is no guarantee that your loved one will come through in the reading. This is not something I can control and therefore I must insist on patience during these readings.  

The reading will be recorded on Zoom and emailed to you when the reading is complete. If you have any questions, please email me on:

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Info: Tarot One Card
Tarot Cards

Tarot one card pull


The Tarot can be an empowering divination tool, bringing forth cards that help you to explore your world or specific issues. 

Each card is layered with symbolism and meaning. A Tarot One Card Pull can help in providing guidance for a specific question, or can provide insight into the general theme of your energies right now.  


This offering is the perfect way to get focused insight on a particular issue you may have. One card is drawn for one question asked. 

As an intuitive, I will pull a card and interpret the meaning and symbology of the card itself, but also offering guidance by connecting to my own Clair Senses. 

The reading will recorded on video with the interpretation and emailed to you. Please email me if you have any questions:

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