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Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a powerful fusion of crystal energies to help manifest your goals and intentions. 

Marble Surface

Each crystal has its own energy frequency and natural properties, which can be harnessed to balance and enhance your mind, body and soul. By assessing your natal chart and tapping into the unique energies of different crystals, I create crystal grids tailored to support and heal any area of life you may need help with.

As well as creating crystal grids for you, I also offer a crystal consultation if you would like to know more about crystals or would like to create your own crystal grid. 

Please note: all crystal grids featured below are now inactive and so I am able to share these with you.



Inner child and shadow

A crystal grid for a client who is undertaking shadow work, inner child healing and sacral chakra healing


Support during court case

A crystal grid for a client in Scotland to help provide supportive energies for a custody court case



A fertility support crystal grid for client in Canada


Support with employees

A crystal grid for a client in Pennsylvania providing support for a restaurant owner who was having issues with a specific employee


Parent and child bond

A relationship crystal grid for a client in Dubai to help nurture her relationship between her and her children


Support for grief

A grief crystal grid for a client in London to provide support and healing energies after their father passed away



Another fertility support crystal grid for a different client in Canada


Mother and baby support

A crystal grid to provide supportive and nurturing energies for a client in Scotland who recently gave birth


Love and relationships

This love crystal grid is for a client looking to enhance love in their life


Skin issues

A crystal grid for a client in California who suffers from skin issues, primarily Eczema


Sleep problems

A sleep crystal grid for a client in Pennsylvania to help provide healing energies for sleep



A crystal grid for a teacher client in Australia, who was having issues with a student that was bullying other teachers and students

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