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Crystal consultation

Working with your own crystal collection to build your own knowledge


Crystal energies can help manifest goals and intentions and provide support and healing. Each crystal has its own energy frequency and natural properties, which can be harnessed to balance and enhance your mind, body and soul. In this session, I offer a crystal consultation based on your needs, including: - how to work with crystals and how best to care for them - creating your own crystal grids and crystal activations - any questions you may have about your own collection, a specific crystal or specific issue - placement of your crystals, feng shui using crystal energies - looking for the best crystals specific to your current healing or spiritual journey - detailed crystal recommendations and affirmations tailored to you - how to use crystals in your daily life to manifest your dreams, goals and healing After booking the session, please email me the crystals you currently have in your collection and the energy that you’re currently experiencing. Please also let me know how you would like a crystal to benefit you, this can be anything for example health, manifesting, intuition, soul work

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • US

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