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Astrology - Ongoing astrology reading

Understanding the ongoing planetary aspects of your chart. Discount available for existing clients!


Please ensure you have already had a natal chart reading with me before booking this session. For those who have already had a reading with me, you are entitled to a 30% discount off this session. Please email me for the discount code prior to booking. Astrology can be used as an effective tool to provide insights into your life. By understanding the planetary aspects of your chart, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the environment around you. I practice Western Astrology, in particular the Tropical, Placidus house systems. If you would like whole sign house interpretations, please let me know. I do not practice Vedic astrology. Once you have had a natal chart reading, you are welcome to book as many Astrology readings with me. In addition to everything covered in the natal chart, an ongoing astrology reading can give you further insight into many parts of your life, including: - General: a deep dive into any planet, house, asteroid, sun or moon. Specific aspects or nodes. Life events such as job changes, marriage/relationships, opening business, fertility, health, past lives - Relocation astrology: if you are looking to relocate and can't decide where, or if you're looking for a specific vibe, or want to move somewhere new for a specific reason eg. business, school, soul mate - Progressions: your natal chart progressed through time. This will show you how the current energies are manifesting and how you are experiencing the energies - Transits: to see how you may be impacted by future planetary transits, especially helpful when planning trips, events, and also explaining what is happening right now - Retrogrades: how specific retrogrades are affecting your chart, what to expect and how best to work with the energy I will generate your chart based on your birth details and the area of focus. The 60 minute reading will take place on Zoom and will be recorded and emailed to you when the reading is complete. I will also send you relevant charts, interpretations and personal notes. Upon booking, please provide your time, date and location of birth, and what you would like to cover in the reading.

  • 1 h
  • 145 US dollars
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