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Astrology - Natal chart reading

Understanding the planetary aspects of your natal chart


Astrology can be used as an effective tool to provide insights into your life. By understanding the planetary aspects of your natal chart, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the environment around you. I practice Western Astrology, in particular the Tropical, Placidus house systems and can provide interpretations for whole sign house system too. I do not practice Vedic astrology. A Natal chart can give you insight into many things, such as: - A solar return reading for the year ahead - Specific transit/ retrograde impact - Election astrology where we discuss windows of opportunities and beneficial energies to support your goals, for example a business launch, book publishing, elective surgery - Insight and guidance into your business, relationships, past lives, fertility, soul path, self-exploration, health and healing I will generate your chart based on your birth details and the area of focus. This includes your natal chart, chart balances, house cusp, a list of 50 asteroids not shown in your chart. Even if you have had a previous natal chart reading by another astrologer, I still recommend this session. This is a 50 point chart, much larger than most practicing astrologers, with a perspective and interpretation to any previous readings you may have had. In the session I will interpret your chart, covering all 12 houses, all 10 planets, your sun and moon, and answer any questions you may have about the astrology in general. I will touch on the main asteroids within your chart, along with any others that have a major impact. The 90 minute reading takes place on Zoom and will be recorded and emailed to you when the reading is complete. I will also send you relevant charts, interpretations and personal notes. Upon booking, please provide your time, date and location of birth, and what area of life you would like to cover in the reading. Please note that all astrology readings require time and effort prior to the actual meeting on Zoom. To provide the best experience for you, I spend several hours on your chart as each chart is unique and there is a plethora of information.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 175 US dollars
  • US

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