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Crystal grids (donation basis)

Small crystal grids to help with minor issues


Crystal grids are a powerful fusion of crystal energies to help manifest goals and intentions, and provide crystal support and healing. Each crystal has its own energy frequency and natural properties, which can be harnessed to balance and enhance your mind, body and soul. By tapping into the unique energies of different crystals, I create crystal grids tailored to support and heal any area of life you may need help with. I create smaller crystal grids for shorter cycles which are available on a donation basis. For example, to relieve headaches, for sleep improvement, or other minor issues. This will be based upon your intention and I will work with crystals that best compliment your energy and the issue you would like help with. After I have activated the grid, it will remain in my presence for 30 days, around one lunar cycle. You will be sent a photograph of the grid for your own connection to the grid. The grid will not be shared with anyone until the period of activation is complete. Grid refreshes are also available. Upon booking, I will need your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, and the issue you would like to address. Donations can be made on the Contact page.

  • 30 min
  • Donation basis
  • US

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